Monday, February 7, 2011

My new stash

I got my new stash today and love it. I ordered another lot so can't wait till it can come :)
i got...
Equestrian Duo Cross Stitch Kit
SYHO Purr Like You Mean It - Cross Stitch Pattern
All We Need is Love - Cross Stitch Pattern
StitchBow Floral Mini Needlework Travel Bag
Crystal Mint Glass Beads
Orange Glass Beads
Royal Amethyst Antique Seed Beads
Oriental Red Antique Seed Beads
Matte Confetti Amethyst Glass Beads - Size 8
Opal Cornflower Glass Beads - Size 8
Opal Seafoam Glass Beads - Size 8
Cream Glass Beads - Size 8
Orange (027) #4 Braid
Fuchsia Hi Lustre (024HL) #4 Braid
Mallard (850) #4 Braid
Blue Merengue (3514) #4 Braid
Ruby Glass Beads - Size 8

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