Friday, February 11, 2011

My 2nd lot of new stash!

I got my new stash today :) Love it all!!!
This is what i got...
New Day, A - Cross Stitch Kit
Mother's Pride
Cozy Cub (Tiger) - Cross Stitch Kit
Don't Wanna - Cross Stitch Pattern
Dragon Whimsy - Cross Stitch Pattern
Orange Glass Beads
Oriental Red Antique Seed Beads
Caron Waterlilies - Cardinal
Caron Waterlilies - Tangerine
Caron Waterlilies - Seaglass
Dragons & Wizards - Cross Stitch Pattern
Letters From Nora - C - Cross Stitch Pattern
Dragon Tatoo - Cross Stitch Pattern
Crescent Colours - Cobbled Peach (Cottage Colours)
Crescent Colours - Eve's Leaves
Crescent Colours - Heatherleigh
Crescent Colours - Lettuce Leaf
Crescent Colours - Vintage Violet
Crescent Colours - Whatley Woodlands
Floss Caddy 17 Compartment
Susan Bates Hoop-La 10" Embroidery Hoops
Cross Stitch Hole Counter

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