Monday, November 10, 2008

Tuesday 11th November

This morning i woke up to a sore breast and neck and back :( Couldn't hardly move as to sore too. But i had to get up to woke girls up for school and get dressed myself as i walk them to school :). I was to sore to make their lunches so brought them instead, well i gave them $5 each. Crystal brought a fish and bun and a cookie for lunch. Don't know what destiny brought as wasn't with her, shes at college.

I took some pics of what destiny got her for birthday the other day.

She got 4 Hannah Montana tops.

2 from ebay and 2 from Trade Me.

A Hannah Montana Mini Skirt, A Hannah Montana wallet (Both from ebay).

$50 from her dad :). A Hannah Montana book, a box of chocolates, a necklace and a bracelet,

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