Saturday, March 20, 2010

I did some more work on Letter D

I have done some more work on Letter D. I love working on this one.
I love the green i am working on.
I love to sit and watch dvd's while i am stitching.
If your stitching what do you do. DO you watch tv or dvd's.
I have done a bit of thinking and will be working on one each day.
So i can get loads of work done on them.
On another note, i took Miss 13 to the hospital for a check up, as she has been sick for 6 weeks now. Doctors 10 times, hospital 3 times, in which the 3rd time she stayed for 5 days.
They still couldn't figure out what was wrong with her :(
These are what they thought it was. Appendixes, Urine Infection, Virus, Glandar (sp) fever.
Well it's none of them. They have done some many blood tests on her. And a ultra sound.
Still nothing.
Now they think she has Inflammatory Bowel Disease. :(


Jen said...

Great progress!

When I stitch, I turn off the TV, open the door to let fresh air and light in, and get comfy on the couch. I sometimes turn music on, but usually stitch in quiet except for all of the kids and dogs outside which doesn't bother me a bit.

At first reading, my guess would have been Mono (Glandular Fever) as well, but if she tested negative for it, then I have no clue. Maybe it was a false negative? Is she really tired a lot? You may want to have her re-tested if she is, just in case. I had Mono last may and slept for nearly a month straight! Ha ha!

ilovejack34 said...

Hi Jen, she is always in pain. The pain never goes away. Even though its not that sore. But there are times when it hurts there alot. Yes she is tired all the time.
In the next two weeks she is going for a MRI. SO waiting on that.
Thanks for the comments :D

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