Thursday, November 20, 2008

Girls Talk Quiz

1. According to Cyndi Lauper who just wants to have fun?
2. Who was the leading male in the 1962 movie "Girls Girls Girls"?
James Dean.
Elvis Presley.
Tony Curtis.
Cliff Richard.
3. Which of these words doesn't belong (think about the name of the quiz if you are stuck)?
Power Puff
4. What was the colour of Van Morrison's girl's eyes?
5. What are little girls made of?
Sweet, sticky lollies
Ribbons, bows and fairy toes
Sugar, spice and all things nice
Chocolate, candy and all things dandy
6. Which little girl who was spooked by ghosts and extra-terrestials grew up to become an angel and Cinderella?
Shirley Temple
Jodie Foster
Drew Barrymore
Brooke Shields
7. Which girl stole Clark Kent's heart?
Wonder Woman
Vicky Vale
Lois Lane
8. Who was the Material Girl?
9. Duran Duran sang about girls on what?
The Run
10. What do Tony Curtis, Gwenyth Paltrow, Barbara Streisand and Robin Williams have in common?
All masqueraded as opposite gender in movies.
All were born in Saskatchewan.
All are tone-deaf.
All have been married more than once.

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