Wednesday, September 24, 2008

School Hoildays Coming

Tomorrow (Friday 25 Oct) is the end of the third term in New Zealand, and the start of school holidays! They have two weeks off school. I brought them a DVD Player and they are happy. I think they will be watching many movies during the holidays on our new DVD Player ;). Tuesday next week have to go to Tauranga to the hospital so they can check on Miss 11's allergies problem. Summer is coming and she is already getting bad heyfever. Now they think she has asmaha (sp). Witch i don't think she does. She also has allergies to grass, if she goes on grass her legs go all red and very itchy :(. I feel so sorry for her. She cries alot cause of her allergies. She can't play sports at college cause of her allergies to grass. Yesterday at school she had an attack cause of dust in the school gym, another allergie she has :(.
Today she took some pills to school for her allergie. I was talking to her teacher yesterday at the college, she also has alot of allergies like destiny does, so knows what she is going through. She is a very nice teacher, she told destiny that all the teachers at the college like her and that destiny can be what ever she wants when she leaves school as she is doing so well there. Destiny already knows what she wants to be when she leaves school, a chef like her dad :)

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Ginnie said...

I know how your daughter feels with hayfever I suffered badly when I was young but seem to have grown out of it a bit now. Hope you manage to sort something for her.

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