Tuesday, July 31, 2012

An update for now!!

I have been really busy lately. With Miss 14 and Miss 15. We have all been very sick with a bad virus going around. I had also burst my eardrum which the doctor said will take 3 mths to heal. The girls are slowly getting over this horrible virus.
I have been stitching alot. I have started to new ones, which i will add on here when i can. One i have already done before for a friend. I did it get again for Miss 15's little 6 yr old friend who she babysits for.
And i have started the Letter H for a really nice lady. Also am planning on starting a chart from Joan Elliott. It's been calling me for ages now lol. Got cottons ready and fabric. So waiting to start that. I still have lots more others i have got to finish when i can.

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