Friday, April 8, 2011

Miss 13's first school dance!

This evening was a school dance at the college for the Junior's. Miss 13 went, but she wasn't there for long ;( She was dancing on the school stage and got pushed and fall and hurt her hand :( The school rang me so i went and got her. Poor girl was crying and all she wanted to do was go back to the dance lol. Got her home and she was in more tears with the pain. So rang an ambulance and they came and checked her out, they said she didn't have a broken hand (thank goodness) but to go to the hospital for an xray. So they took us to the hospital, which is 40 mins away from us. We got there at 9pm and by the time we got to see a doctor it was 2am. It wasn't broken, but they gave her half a cast cause it was the same hand she hurt in December. We had no way of getting home so we stayed in the waiting room at the hospital. A nice nurse came out and said there was a bed at the back for Crystal. So we went back there and she went to sleep again. We didn't get home till after 7pm saturday night :( I had no sleep at the hospital so was very tired. And both of us went to bed very early saturday night lol.

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