Thursday, May 6, 2010

My new starts and a complaint!

Here are the new starts i started the other day, haven't done much as been busy with the hospital. One is Flutter and the other is Care Bears.

Miss 13 has been sick for over 13 weeks now and yesterday she went to the specialist who can't figure out what's wrong with her. Poor girl is in pain all the time, worse when she eats and walks. And noone cares. Now the specialist thinks shes depressed. I don't believe she is. I think shes sick and the doctor's and specialist just can't be bothered founding out what's wrong with her. This is beyond the joke. New Zealand's Health System is a joke. And as for Katikati College all they care about is getting her back at school. They don't care that she is sick :( They are the worse school in New Zealand. They yell at there student's. never talk nice to them. They swear at them. And just don't care if your child is getting bullied. Screw you Katikati College!

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