Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Excuse Me Father For I Have Sinned!

Heheh i started 3 more charts today :D I know i have 3 big ones at the moment, but thought i might do a couple of small ones for a couple of days.
This one is Care Bears. And the fabric is Dragon's Mist By Enchanted Fabric's
This one is Pigtails By Sanman Originals and the fabric i am using is Tropical Sunset (painted) by Enchanted Fabrics.
This one is Flutter By Sanman Originals and the fabric i am using for this one is Berrylicious.
I did a bit of work on Love Pirate but the bad frog came and visited me while i was sleeping :( so had to take some black parts of which i will do maybe tomorrow night or friday as hospital tomorrow.

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