Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thanks to my Secret Sister

Thanks to my Secret Sister, i got my parcel today :) They are so beautiful. I got
Just Another Button Company - Lizzie Kate ~ Hocus Pocus Buttons
Amy Bruecken Designs - Just A Quickie ~ Feet
Amy Bruecken Designs - Just A Quickie ~ Love
Amy Bruecken Designs - Just A Quickie ~ Favorite
Weeks Dye Works - Pumpkin
Weeks Dye Works - Chartreuse
Weeks Dye Works - Grapefruit
Weeks Dye Works - Blue Topaz
I joined my first Secret Sister Exchange on the Enchanted Fabrics board.

1 comment:

Zeb said...

How lovely :)
Congrats! Sounds like a fun thing to take part in. Probably something I might join too... ONCE I get a job LOL!

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