Wednesday, April 8, 2009

You Know Your A Cross Stitch Addict When....

You take a sewing project on a journey, then realise you are driving.
Instead of counting your free time in hours & minutes, you count it in threads.
You decorate, you don't choose the colours from a paint chart, but from the DMC thread rack instead!
You don't buy name tags to sew into your children's clothes, you cross stitch their names in!
You hear people talking about the fabric of the Universe and you wonder if it is Aida or evenweave?
You have crossed stitched through Coronation Street so many times, you wonder if Hilda Ogden still has those ducks on her wall!
The custodial staff arrives at work in the morning they have to remind you to go home and change clothes so your colleagues and boss do not know you spent the entire night at the office trying to do "just a few more rows".
You buy a special large suitcase to hold all of your thread, fabric, kits and magazines etc so you can take them everywhere you go.Your favourite opera is Aida!
You spend $800 on an antique pine cabinet made for storing dead moths because the drawers are just the right size for skeins of embroidery threads.
You buy a DMC skein in a revolting shade of bright mauve, which you will never use, just because you cannot bear not to have the complete set of DMC threads.
You sweet talk your Web Designer boyfriend into turning down work which pays the bills, just so you can have your own cross stitch website.
On your first ever visit to the USA, you go to New York on a business trip for 3 days, and you spend the one day your employers have allocated for sightseeing trying to find some needlework shops.
You have to employ someone to do your ironing just because 4 hrs ironing is equal to 6000 stitches, and one month's ironing is one finished design.
You admire the gorgeous mountain scenery and wonder how easily you could turn it into a cross stitch pattern.
You don't know what to do when you find yourself with a few minutes to spare - and then you calculate how many stitches you could have done in those few minutes....
You go to the doctor and hope he's late so you can get some more stitching done.
You get a cut and sew it yourself instead of going to the doctor.
You do it in your sleep and your hands can't find the snippers.
You look at the doctor's stitches and think x's would have looked better.
You get out of bed at 1:00 o'clock in the morning to rework a new design you just made, because you got a thought on how it would look better.
You need a separate room for all the stitching stuff!
You find bits of floss in your bed when you get up in the morning.
You plan your vacation stops around cross stitching events in that area.
You ever said "just one more stitch" and end up missing dinner because of it.
You go out to lunch with a friend, and she notices the needle stuck through the front of your shirt, but you don't.
You co-ordinate your clothes using the DMC Color Card!
Your stash room is better organized than your kitchen!
Someone tries to tell you something important and you tell them to shhhh because youre counting stitches.
Your floss box is the only well organized thing in your house!
Your stitching stash weighs more than the cupboard you keep it in.

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