Thursday, July 22, 2010

I ordered some things from 123stitch

Today i ordered some things from 123stitch. This is the 4th time i have ordered from 123stitch and they are great!
I got a few of the things i need for Letter C by Nora Corbett
These are what i ordered!!

Crescent Colours - Argyle Socks
Crescent Colours - Cobbled Peach (Cottage Colours)
Crescent Colours - La Tierra
Crescent Colours - Hickory Sticks
Crescent Colours - Wisconsin Woods
Crescent Colours - Cloud
Crescent Colours - Vintage Violet
Crescent Colours - Old Blue Jeans
Opal Seafoam Glass Beads - Size 8
Blue Merengue (3514) #4 Braid
Crescent Colours - Deep Fennel
Crescent Colours - Eve's Leaves
Crescent Colours - Ye Olde Gold
Crescent Colours - Lettuce Leaf

And after this lot i only have to order 3 more crescent colours and the chart and fabric :D and i have got everything i need for this chart!

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Andie said...

oooo I could tell by the list itself that it was for one of Noras letters lol, sorry haven't had a chance to get to the post office to post that chart yet but I will soon I promise!

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